Trump’s lawyer threatens to drag Prosecutor Mueller into court

If Special Attorney Robert Mueller tries to force Donald Trump to call him in the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election, the president’s lawyers will not hesitate to drag him in front of the courts.

That’s at least the warning that Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York and lawyer for the president, made on Saturday in an interview on ABC TV.

The threat of a legal battle was launched after the New York Times revealed that Donald Trump’s team of lawyers had been working for months to thwart the efforts of prosecutor Mueller, who could summon the US president to appear.

According to the lawyers, who have substantiated their arguments in a 20-page confidential letter sent to Mueller, which the New York daily newspaper has read, the president can not be accused of obstruction of justice because he ‘full authority over all federal investigations.

Still according to this missive, the American constitution “gives the president the authority to end the investigation, or even use his powers of presidential pardon”, and thus exonerate himself from any crime.

Mueller leaks information to the media, accuses Trump
Stung, the tenant of the White House reacted to the report of the New York Times on Twitter assuring that there was no “collusion with Russia (except by the Democrats). When will this very expensive witch hunt end? ”

” Do the special prosecutor / justice ministry leak the fake news [fausses news] media out of my lawyers’ letters? Should we rather investigate the Democratic corruption, “he added in another message.

President Trump, who is not on his first attack on Mueller, persists in denying collusion with Russia in the US presidential election in 2016, even though members of his campaign team have already been indicted .

In addition to investigating Russian interference, the special prosecutor is investigating whether the president has committed an obstruction of justice by trying to impede the FBI’s investigation. .

The President’s lawyers fear that by accepting to be questioned, whether on a voluntary basis or in front of a jury, President Trump is exposed to accusations of falsehood or perjury, which could be a crime or even a gesture punishable by dismissal.

According to the New York Times , this interpretation of US laws may be put to the test if the president’s team of lawyers decides to take the case to court.

Giuliani suggested last month that President Trump could participate in an interrogation, provided that the question period does not last more than 2 hours and that he is not obliged to testify under oath.

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