Trump admits to Stormy Daniels payment

Stormy Daniels

Despite previously completely denying any knowledge of the payment of $130,000 made to porn actress Stormy Daniels or its origins, Trump has admitted to being involved.

Stormy Daniels claims to have had a sexual encounter with Donald Trump in 2006, after the birth of his youngest child with Melania. The payment of $130,000 was allegedly made to prevent the porn actress from publicizing the affair.

The topic of this payment has been discussed in the media in depth due to its timing. The transaction took place around Trump’s 2016 campaign as a presidential candidate, supposedly to stop the jeopardizing of his chance at President.

This has fueled rumors and accusations of Trump’s use of campaign money in this transaction.

The President of the United States previously claimed that this payment was made by his lawyer Michael Cohen completely without his knowledge or involvement.

Trump has also stated in the past that he has no knowledge of how Michael Cohen obtained this money. He has now admitted the origins of this payment as a monthly retainer paid to his lawyer.

The President has also stated that the payment made to Stormy Daniels was to stop false claims made by the porn actress of their alleged affair. Trump continues to deny the existence of a relationship between him and Stormy Daniels.

This news comes after one of Trump’s attorney’s, Rudy Giulini, made comments on national television on the situation. Giulini suggests that the payment was made without Trump’s knowledge, but was later repaid by the U.S. President.

Giulini has also tried to downplay the payment, suggesting such transactions are a regular occurrence.

Trump is also facing a defamation suit filed by Stormy Daniels. This resulted after the President took to Twitter to accuse the porn actress’ story of being threatened in a car park as a “con job”.

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