Top Tips for Hiring an Accountant in Crows Nest

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Whether you’re a small business or an individual, you may find yourself in need of financial advice. It can be tricky to keep track of your finances so many people decide to hire an accountant. But, this in itself can be a challenging task. Like any profession, there are some great bookkeepers and some that are a complete waste of money. The greater Sydney area is full of firms that claim to help you manage your money; so here’s a quick guide for hiring accounts Crows Nest.



Although you are likely to communicate over email or phone, it is often recommended to be close enough to drop by and have a meeting with your bookkeeper. It’s also best to find someone local because they will be aware of economic trends in the area. With the number of bookkeepers in Sydney, location isn’t an issue, you should be able to find someone in a suburb close to you. For example, if you’re based in the Lower North Shore of Sydney try searching for accountants Crows Nest.



It’s never a bad thing to be over qualified, this is especially true when you’re looking for someone to manage your money. In Australia it is possible to be an accountant without a certification, this is fine if you only require someone for general financial management and tax preparation. However, if you are a business owner it is always best to find a Certified Public Accountant or a Charted Accountant. If you’re unsure about how to start your search, you could always use the internet, Googling something like ‘Charted Accountant in Crows Nest’ will bring up plenty of results and will give you a good starting point.



Another important factor is experience. It’s important to hire someone with relevant expertise; if you are looking for someone to help with your tax return, make sure they have lots of knowledge about tax returns. If you are a small business, make sure you find someone who has knowledge of bookkeeping for small businesses and not just individuals. Consider what you need and find an accountant in Crows Nest that has previous knowledge of that.



Whatever you need can be found online these days, this is no different when it comes to hiring someone. Use these as tools to find the best candidate for you to employ. LinkedIn is a great social networking site for professionals, you will be able to clearly see their qualifications, work experience and who they are connected to. This enables you to see their previous employers and previous clients. Furthermore, you are able to search, so you can be specific about area and job title. Searching for accountants in Crows Nest will come up with a range of professionals for you to consider.



Some bookkeepers will do the absolute minimum, meaning they will do your tax return and manage your accounts. However, you are paying for their services, so try to find someone with a bit more initiative; you want someone who cares about saving you money. So before making any decisions, ask candidates what they could suggest to help you save money. You don’t need to settle, take your time searching for a proactive and committed accountant in Crows Nest.



Once you think you’ve found the perfect accountant in Crows Nest, you need to discuss price. There is no set way bookkeepers charge; some charge by the hour some may ask for a monthly retainer and others may want a percentage of the turnover if you are a business. Regardless of how they ask to be paid, don’t feel like you have to settle. It’s okay to negotiate on price, you never know unless you ask.



The last thing to consider before making the leap and hiring someone are their references. Some dishonest people lie on their resume, and you will never know unless you check. So before signing any paperwork, contact the accountant’s previous clients and ask about their experience.


Hiring an accountant is a big step, it can be great for your finances, or it can be a complete waste. However, if you follow these tips for choosing an accountant in Crows Nest, you should be able to find the perfect person to manage your money.





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