The 10 largest companies in Australia

The 10 largest companies in Australia

A couple of months ago, IBISWorld released figures detailing a list of the largest companies in Australia based on revenue. If you are thinking of getting a job in a multifaceted business that has some of the largest finances in the world and is it at the top of its industry, take a look at the list below and choose which one could be the best for you. Not surprisingly, the banking industry holds the most entrants on the list, but retailers, telecommunications and government are all represented too.

  1. Westfarmers

With a HQ in Perth, this conglomerate tops the lists of largest companies in Australia. Its revenue sits at $69 billion per annum earned from interests in fertilisers, retail and coal mining.

  1. Woolworths

Forming a duopoly with Coles over the supermarket industry that accounts for 80% of it, Woolworths is one of the biggest companies in Australia, with 1000 stores nationwide.

  1. Commonwealth Bank

CBA, the most used bank in Australia, has a revenue of $45 billion, $7 billion more than its closest competitor in the banking industry.

  1. BHP

With HQ in Melbourne and revenue of $39 billion, this mining and petroleum company was founded in Broken Hill, an isolated mining town in 1885 and tripled its revenue between 2004 and 2012.

  1. Westpac

The second bank on this list, Westpac lags behind CBA with a revenue of $38 billion annually. One of Australia’s big four banks it has its headquarters in Westpac Place in Sydney.

  1. Rio Tinto

This Australian British enterprise specialises in mining and holds its HQ in the UK. Formed over 140 years ago, the company is traded on both the London and Australian stock exchange and has a revenue of $35 billion.

  1. ANZ Banking Group

With an annual revenue of $34 billion, ANZ is Australia’s third largest banking firm. As well as operating in New Zealand and Australia, it holds a presence in 34 other countries.  It has come a long way since its formation in 1951.

  1. NAB

The last bank on this list, NAB has a revenue of $32 billion per year, so nothing to be ashamed of. The least recognisable of the banks already mentioned, NAB still manages to hold its own in the market and claims to have nine million customers.

  1. Telstra

The telecommunications giant is Australia’s largest company in this field and brings in around $28 billion per year. Operating out of Melbourne, Telstra has numerous subsidiaries including Foxtel as well as Telstra Singapore and Telstra Europe.

  1. NSW Health

Coming in at last on the list, this department of the NSW government has over 100,000 staff and a annual revenue of $21 billion. Monitoring public and private healthcare providers, NSW health is accountable for the state of the healthcare system in NSW.

Financially, the 10 richest corporations in Australia, you can’t go too far wrong applying for a position in one of these companies, some of that revenue must trickle down into your pocket eventually.

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