Mystery Tipper Found?

Since September, a patron of restaurants and bars across the country has given servers more than several thousand dollars in tips for services often totaling less than one hundred dollars. The mystery tipper writes “God Bless!” and “Tips for Jesus” on the receipts, or stamps them with the Instagram profile name “@tipsforjesus”

With the current “tip-gifts” totaling more than $50,000, many people have been searching for this generous person. Last week, Valleywag outed Jack Selby, PayPal’s former VP, as the tipper and then a waiter at Bo’s Kitchen & Bar Room in New York who received one of the gifts told the press the same.

At this point, many questions remain.

Selby or not, the tipper is often in a party with several people. He announces to the server that he’s going to give a big tip. He then takes a photo of the lucky server and posts it to Instagram where his account has one simple phrase: “Doing the Lord’s work, one tip at a time.”

According to Valleywag, the notes about Jesus may in fact be a joke. There have also been dual sightings with more than one tipper involved.

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Megan DeGrom

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