Mohammed Berrada rents cars to tourists in Morocco

Mohammed Berrada rents cars to tourists in Morocco

Mohammed Berrada operates Bourhim Car, a car rental agency in Marrakech, Morocco. Mohammed specialises in providing cars to tourists who visit the country, and who often decide to drive around to experience the natural beauty of the area.

Mohammed, why did you decide to start Bourhim Car?

I’ve always loved driving and working on cars, so that’s why I started a car rental business. I focus on tourists as clients because they often have very different needs, which means I get to work with a variety of different types of cars.

Where does Bourhim Car operate?

We operate all over Morocco. Our base is in Marrakech, which is the largest city, but we can deliver and collect cars anywhere in the country. We often take cars to Tangiers and Casablanca, which are major tourist towns, but we meet visitors at airports and ports all over Morocco.

Do people need to know anything special to drive in Morocco?

Not really – a car is a car and a road is a road. Our lights are the same colours as everywhere else in the world. One thing that can confuse people in our cities is that our lights and signs can be a little hard to see, as they are on the far right rather than right next to the road or in the middle.

If you are in rural areas watch out for cyclists and animals (think donkeys and camels) on the road.

We also drive on the right, which is sometimes confusing for our British visitors!

How does the process work?

It’s very easy to use our services – you can use our website to pick the car you want, the days you want it for and where you want to pick it up and leave it! You can also get a private driver, which means you can focus on the beautiful scenery rather than worrying about getting lost.

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