Jump Ventures adds Props to their investment portfolio

Jump Ventures adds Props to their investment portfolio

Jump Ventures is one of the major investors and backers of new marketing technology platform Props, with the aim of helping the new company to scale and experience exponential growth. Props is the newest addition to the Jump Ventures portfolio, and aims to merge meaningful, authentic content with AI technology.

The launch of the platform comes as the team behind Props reached their goal of raising $5.5 million US in investment capital, with Jump Ventures CEO Hari Ravichandran contributing significantly. Hari and Jump Ventures only invest in companies that are both innovative and highly scalable, with both criteria being met by Props.


Props is a holistic marketing platform for content creators that is designed to harness the compelling nature of honest, authentic and capable storytelling. The platform aims to build a database of content creators and brands and match them by values, personality and – of course – content category.

The platform is not designed for brands to find “influencers” but rather content creators (i.e. photographers, writers, podcasters, musicians etc.) who share interests and values with the brand. This makes the stories told more powerful and authentic, which helps the target audience to connect more with the brand and is more valuable to the creator, the brand and the audience.

Props is the only platform currently available that makes use of both AI and original, meaningful content. It uses IBM Watson for the AI, which is a computer system that answers questions that are asked with natural phrasing. In this case, the question is usually “which content creator best fits with my brand?”.

President and CEO of Props Joseph Perello believes that content that is created with integrity by people who are genuinely passionate about the topic will resonate more with audiences than paid promotions by “influencers” or a writing agency.

Perello has a lot of experience with story telling and marketing, as well as brands that people are passionate about. He worked in business development at the New York Yankees, a Major League Baseball team, as well as being involved in David Bowie’s ISP Ultrastar. He also co-founded digital agency Catch New York.

The Props team includes other highly experienced people in their management team as well, which is what attracted Hari and the team at Jump Ventures. Oliver Blodgett, for example, who is the Head of AI, was an executive with IBM Watson before joining the start-up. His experience with the AI that Props uses is hugely valuable.

Scott Powel, the Head of Development, founded Axispoint, which created software to power rights and royalty management – including for Warner Music. The Head of Product, Mary Aldon, also led marketing technology implementation for Interbrand and Siegel + Gale.

The advisory board put together by Props features a number of experienced people, most of whom have invested in the platform as well. It includes Lark-Marie Anton, who is the Chief Communications Officer of Jump Ventures, along with other successful businesspeople.

Props is the latest start-up software agency that Jump Ventures have invested in, and it joins several other promising start-ups that the parent company are helping to scale. Jump Ventures are a holding company that provides capital and advice to disruptive tech agencies in order to help them grow and be successful – as well as sustainable.

Hari, the founder and CEO of Jump, also founded Endurance in 1997, a tech company which grew to over 3,500 employees from a small tech start-up. He now uses his experiences in building Endurance to help new promising tech start-ups to set themselves up to mature successfully and to make the right choices as they grow in staff and revenue.

Hari and the Jump team expect Props to be a success due to the viability and originality of the idea, as well as the experience of the team. The new company has started to build their database of creators, and they believe that they will be far better value than influencers or content creation agencies.

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