How You Can Improve The Value Of Your Property

How You Can Improve The Value Of Your Property

When it comes to renovating your home, it can be difficult knowing what is worth upgrading and what isn’t. Determining the best use of your time and money can be challenging – should you replace the carpet or leave it? Tidy up the garden or focus on the lounge room?

That being said, there are some general recommendations that apply to most situations.

Upgrade kitchens and bathrooms

Seen many times on Collier Home website with that kitchens and bathrooms offer one of the highest returns on investment as they are high-use and high-traffic rooms. Valuers consider factors such as room size, fittings, aesthetics, age of appliances and storage capacity to be crucial components. However, it is important to make sure the rooms match the rest of the house; the fittings and fixtures should be appropriate within the context of the home and its style.

Invest in landscaping

Improving your curb appeal by updating the garden is an effective and relatively cheap means of increasing your property’s value. A visually appealing front yard – think manicured gardens, trimmed lawns and a veggie patch – is attractive to buyers. Planting native trees can be an efficient way of raising not only your own home’s value, but the houses nearby. The shade of native trees can also reduce energy costs by cooling down the home.

Adjust the floor plan

The more spacious a property is, the better. Open spaces are more highly prized than cramped, closed off ones. If possible, it is worth considering trying to increase the amount of floor space in your home. This can be achieved by removing any unnecessary walls (such as between the kitchen and the living room) or adding a new room, such as a sunroof or an extra bathroom. You could also consider building a deck or converting an attic into a living space.

Add a fresh coat of paint

Adding a new coat of paint can be a cheap and quick way to add value to your home. Fresh paint may be able to remove any unsightly markings from your walls and boost your home’s appearance. When choosing colors, neutral tones such as shades of white are a reliable way to appeal to the greatest amount of buyers. Neutral tones are also excellent at creating the illusion of space, which can work to great effect in smaller homes. Comparatively, bold co lours can work well in certain circumstances, but a bright orange wall may risk turning off some people. For inspiration, have a look at interior design magazines and websites or consider enlisting the help of an interior designer.


There are a range of factors to consider when renovating your property with the intention to increase its value. If you are planning on doing a large-scale renovation, it may be worth considering getting an independent valuation.

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