How Sydney Family Lawyers Can Settle Your Dispute


You may have found yourself in a difficult situation and need a qualified attorney. Sydney family lawyers have been offering professional legal guidance and assistance for many years with a growing list of wins. they are there to encourage negotiations between parents, spouses, and grandparents, and they are not afraid to fight to achieve the best possible outcome.

There are many fields that an experienced family law lawyer can litigate in. These include:




Divorce and separation

Within divorce and separation, they can assist in areas such as:

Starting a divorce application: Sometimes you may find it difficult to collect the appropriate paperwork to apply for a divorce. Sydney family lawyers can help you start your divorce and gather all the required paperwork. To get a divorce a couple must be separated for 12 months after you apply for a divorce. This is due to a lot of couples being able to work out the problems during the separation and decide to remain together.

– Divorce and prenuptial agreements: This is a contract that outlines individual and shared assets. Your agreement may contain property, finances including pensions and any other benefits, investments, super, and business enterprises.

– Legal separation: This is bringing an end to a marriage or de facto relationship. To finalize the divorce you must apply for a legal separation first. This is the proof of the length of separation.

– Spousal maintenance: This is the ongoing financial support to a former spouse. This is used if one party cannot financially support themselves and the other party is able to financially assist.

– Divorce Mediation: This is a means to come to an agreement without having to go to court. This is an encouraged solution as it can save money and can avoid putting rifts in a family that is already torn apart.


Child and parenting matters

Sydney family lawyers can also assist in children and parenting matters. This can be broken into 2 sectors:

1) Parental responsibility– This is all of the long-term decisions relating to the care of a child, including education, religion, and any health-related decisions.

2) Custody– Now known as living and time arrangements. This would determine who the child will be living with and how much time is spent with each parent. The grandparents may also apply if they believe the parents to be unfit.

Child support cases are another common case put forth to Sydney family lawyers. Child support is paid to the sole carer to cover the financial needs of the child’s upbringing. It is to be used for all living, health, and education expenses.


Paternity matters

Paternity matters usually arise when the father has not been listed on the birth certificate and the mother is trying to claim child support. A DNA test can be ordered. Sometimes a father wants to prove they are the father and can order a DNA test.


Property settlement

Sydney family lawyers are trained to assist in the property settlement. When a divorce or separation occur the assets need to be shared. These assets include real estate, furniture, collectibles, vehicles, boats, and any financial assets including super, inheritance, and savings.

During these emotional, stressful and difficult times Sydney family lawyers are there for you. With qualified and caring attorneys who are dedicated to producing an outcome that is both peaceful and fair. If the resolution cannot be found through peaceful means they will be by your side the whole way through to the very end. No case is too tough or too easy. If you have the rights to take your case to court they will not hesitate to fight whatever battle you need assistance in.

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