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Betty and Timmy are both in their 80’s. Living in their family home, they have fallen on tough times and are in desperate need of aged care financial advice, someone who can help them sort out their finances and help them afford the help that they so desperately need.

It wasn’t always like this for the loveable couple. They remember the days when they were hell raisers, living their happy-go-lucky lives, safe in the knowledge that they loved each other more than they had thought possible. They had been on countless adventures together never once believing it would all come to an end and that they would need aged care financial advice when they grew old. Of course, it was inevitability the way Betty and Timmy lived their lives, always in the present, never thinking about tomorrow let alone 30 or 40 years down the line, aged care financial advice was probably something they didn’t even know existed until a couple of years ago.


They had both fallen on ill health just recently. The days of adventure were slowly coming to a halt and then before they knew it, it was all over. They couldn’t fend for themselves, they had no children to help them and most relatives had passed away of moved to different cities. As always, they had each other but this time it wasn’t going to be enough, they seriously needed to think about how they could get help, how they could afford it and who could offer them some aged care financial advice, words of wisdom and ideas that would help them live a comfortable end to their lives.

Back in the day, when they were young and reckless, comfortable lives was the last thing on their mind. They traveled near and far in an old camper van, one that had long since had its day. Somehow it survived its travels and never let them down. All over the country they went, meeting new friends and making some new enemies, as is customary when you are a hell raiser. They saw things they would never repeat to each other and also some others of such beauty and wonder that they never stopped talking about. Things so far from aged care financial advice and the seriousness of life, a problem they never thought they would have to face.


They also made it overseas, to Europe and Asia. They tasted food that their taste buds couldn’t comprehend, they spoke languages they didn’t even know existed and learned about histories, that were omitted for school text books at home. They choose this way of living knowing that it wasn’t sustainable, but they enjoyed it nonetheless. It was a way of life that inevitably led to the need for aged care financial advice but it is not something that they regret. They only had one life and they led it the best and the only way they knew how.

Aged care financial advice is something that most elderly people could benefit from. However, some don’t know it exists and others are too stubborn to ask for. Sound aged care financial advice could be the difference between living in comfort for the last 5 or 10 years of your life and struggling to get by, always worried how you are going to pay your latest bill. When looking after yourself by yourself becomes an impossibility, it is crucial that you get help, help that will allow you to live a longer life, and ultimately make it an easier final few years where you can enjoy yourself without the burden of worrying about money.


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About the Author: Megan DeGrom

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