How Businesses Can Use Balloon Arrangements For Events

Local businesses can have a devil of a time trying to find quick marketing solutions that can brighten up an event.

Most strategies are not cost effective and amid all of the setup time and logistics to manage the endeavour, the endeavour is more costly than it is worth on the surface.

Fortunately there are local outlets like Balloon Saloon who offers balloon arrangements for companies looking to make an impression for their specialised event.

These brands will look to draw people in through a clearance sale, reaching a company milestone or introducing a new product into the market.

Rather than investing hundreds or thousands of dollars in risky promotional activities, why not examine how these arrangements can work for Australian enterprises?


Bright Colours To Attract Attention

From pinks and oranges to whites, greens, purples, reds and blues – there is a wide variety of colour scheme selections with certain balloon arrangements. Holding an event for current customers or prospective parties off the street can be a great initiative to drive brand awareness and garner the attention of the crowd. Yet if there is not an aesthetic appeal or a means of drawing in that attention from the cold then it will be considered a wasted exercise. Dull and neutral colours simply don’t have the same effect as the entire purpose of the event is to have fun and entice people from the outside.


Customise Individual Balloons

Balloon arrangements are often viewed as an aggregate where the entire design is collated together. Yet they also happen to work on an individual level where they can be signified with a company logo, message or image that will provide value in that respect. The cheapest option for a local business is to access a large batch of the very same balloon profile, but to go the extra mile will deliver a variety where items can be customised to suit the needs of the occasion. Either way it is considered a more cost effective solution than other marketing strategies for commercial events.


Offer Customer Giveaways

It can be hard for some brands to think about the practicalities of balloon arrangements when it comes to the cleanup phase. The good news is that these brands sell themselves as it is easy for representatives and assistants to grab a collection and pass them out to shoppers and families who can cherish them. Especially if they have been customised as discussed earlier, then the ability to drive up brand awareness will be enhanced.


Spelling Out Names and Numbers

When companies opt in for balloon arrangements they are essentially accessing a product that can be crafted in any way they wish. Especially if the occasion is to signify a milestone or marking a special number for a 50% off sale or celebrating 10 years in existence, why not use these items to create that image in a large design? With the inclusion of helium, hydrogen, rubber, latex and other profiles that are suitable for indoor and outdoor locations, it can be straightforward to develop these designs without them blowing away from the scene.


Make Grand Entrance Plans

There are few better materials that can create a grand entrance design than balloon arrangements. The aesthetic appeal is there for all to see and can transition a standard door or entrance into a spectacle. It can be crafted to suit the right colour scheme and provide plenty of photogenic opportunities that makes for great content online.



When all else fails, there are few other offline marketing exercises as cost effective as balloon arrangements. They ensure there is not damage to the bottom line and all types of consumers will gravitate to them. It is a win-win scenario.


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About the Author: Megan DeGrom

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