Here’s What You Need to Know Before Buying a Hot Water System


A hot water system is the reason we can enjoy steam baths in winters. It is satisfying to know that a hot water cylinder NZ, which is the heart of the system, is built to last for decades with nominal maintenance – so much so that it is easily taken for granted. A water heating system is one of those investments that you make and forget until a valve breaks loose or a stray spark causes short-circuit. And that’s when you realise how far your heating system has come without causing you any trouble.

For a system to work efficiently for a long time, a lot of things has to go right, including your stance towards the device as a user. However, before you start using a water heating system, it is crucial that you buy the right one.

Although the definition of the ‘right water heating appliance’ is ambiguous and varies from household to household, with a little research, you can find a point where your needs, budget and the features of your prospective purchase coincide. And boom! That’s when you are ready to stick the money out of your pocket and take the appliance home.

There’s a water heating system built for every requirement and here’s something that you need to know before buying one. When you are aware of all the options you have, you are more likely to make an informed choice.

The system is primarily comprised of a hot water cylinder NZ, which, as the name suggests, stores heated water and keeps it warm for a long time. The insulation inside a cylinder has been perfected over the decades, and today, it can keep the water hot for as long as 24 hours.

Besides the hot water cylinder NZ, there’s a heating mechanism at play which could be solar or electric powered, depending on your individual preference. While a solar-powered heating unit ensures supply at zero running cost, it is not as reliable as the electric one, which delivers heated water at your convenience, regardless of whether the sun is shining or not.

This is the first level of decision-making. If your area receives sunlight in abundance, especially during colder months, solar-powered heating unit is the right fit for you, or else go for the electric one to eliminate any dependency on natural energy.


Which one of these water heating systems fits your purpose?

  1. Vented

A vented water heating system has a cold water storage tank to feed the hot water cylinder. This means that even if the pressure in the mains pipe is low and your cold water storage tank has enough supply available, it doesn’t matter. Your system will still dispense water at the desired pressure.


  1. Unvented Water Heating System

The unvented system, on the other hand, is where the mains supply feeds the hot water cylinder directly. Although the unvented system eliminates the cold water storage tank, it has a downside to it. The pressure of the mains supply will determine the pressure of water in the faucet – if it’s low, you’ll have to wait a bit longer until there’s enough water in the cylinder to use.

Knowing your budget, usage patterns, available space and the information provided in this article, you will find yourself in a much better position to make a buying decision.

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