Having Some Legal Trouble? 5 Signs You Have a Bad Divorce Lawyer


Being a divorce lawyer in Sydney can be a tough and gruelling line of work. Clients can be unreasonable, court schedules can be inflexible, and the work can get somewhat monotonous, depending on what area of the legal framework a person works in. However, that isn’t an excuse for your divorce lawyer to be treating you poorly or prioritising other work over your matter. The breakdown of a family can be a highly traumatic event, so you want to know that your solicitor has your back every step of the way. So, if you’re currently working with a divorce lawyer, here are several signs that could suggest they are probably letting you down.


Late to meetings and court appearances

If your solicitor is constantly late to meetings, or even worse, court appearances, then you probably need to terminate the professional relationship as soon as possible. If your divorce lawyer is late or absent from scheduled court appearances, the presiding judge will not view your case in a favourable manner. Thus, you need someone who you can trust to be present and forthright.


Unclear pay structure

If your solicitor is somewhat unclear or ambiguous about their preferred payment structures, then this is another warning bell. As the person paying for the legal fees, you want to know what you owe and when you owe it. Transparency is key when it comes to large sums of money. And let’s face it, solicitors aren’t cheap. Not at all. Instead, look for a divorce lawyer who is clear with invoices and how they work. Do they charge per hour? When is the monthly payment cut off? These are the key questions you should be asking them in an initial consultation.



Dishonesty is a serious offense on the behalf of any solicitor. In fact, if you believe that your barrister is being dishonest or attempting to mislead you in any way, you should contact the statutory legal body. In the case of NSW, it is the NSW Law Society. It could be anything from pricing fees, specific laws or the veracity of documentation. Whatever it may be, you should be closely monitoring your legal counsel every step of the way.


They don’t care

If you are under the impression that your divorce lawyer simply doesn’t care about your matter, then it may be time to move on to someone who does. A family split is a very difficult and sensitive process. It’s not just about child custody arrangements and the pain of having to move on – a family split involves the splitting of money and assets and future payments for child support. Because of these complex factors, you need a legal professional who genuinely cares about getting you the best outcome.


They seem lost

This one is a big warning bell. You don’t need a divorce lawyer who seems lost or confused about the process. If you’re having to remind them about certain things about your case, like which assets were yours before the marriage and how much you earn per annum, then the alarm bells should be ringing very loudly.

Even worse, they may not know certain laws that are applicable to your case. The legal framework is susceptible to change and can change quite often and dramatically. If your divorce lawyer is unaware of specific rules that could either benefit or affect your matter in any way, then go to a solicitor with a more pronounced and current technical understanding.

So, if you need a high-quality divorce lawyer, make sure you take your time with the process of selection. There’s no point rushing it if it is going to cost you thousands and thousands of dollars in fees.



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