Guide For Responsible Rubbish Removal When Moving House

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There are a lot of different kinds of household waste out there and it’s important to responsibly dispose of them.

Read on below for the general guidelines of a rubbish removal Sydney firm as how they can responsibly throw away common household items.


White goods

White goods such as fridges, washers, dishwashers, dryers and ovens can be difficult to dispose of. They’re bulkiness can make them expensive to remove from your home and it can be very costly to take them to a waste processing facility.

There are recycling services that will take them off your hands for free and strip off the metal for parts. Selling or donating the items is also an option, if not a rubbish removal company can take it off your hands – they usually have connections for donation and recycling.



Mattresses are notoriously expensive and difficult to get rid of, everyone knows it. Taking them to the local tip usually involves hiring a trailer for the day and paying the exorbitant fees to get rid of them. This is why they are the most commonly dumped item in Australian cities.

In terms of rubbish removal, they’re one of the biggest headache items to deal with. There are some cheap or free programs that will take them off your hands and recycle them for free in many cities. The scrap metal from the springs is often taken out and the fabric and foam can be used for carpet underlay.

Another free option is also often just to give the mattress away to a friend if they have a spare room or the space. If it’s not in that kind of condition then a professional rubbish removal service might be the way to go, they’ll take it off your hands for a reasonable fee, no trailer hire required!



old furniture

Getting rid of old furniture can be hard work. It’s often large and bulky and expensive to remove from your house and take to a garbage dump. If it’s in good condition then the best thing to do is re-home it or donate it to the charity, most buyers will be happy to come around a take it off your hands and charities will often pick-up for free.

If it’s in poor condition then a good rubbish removal company can take it off your hands and process it themselves to recycle what they can and dispose of the rest.



old electronics

If it isn’t broken, try and give it a new home! Donate or sell your old electronics to local charities or online. If it’s a phone, laptop or television there are often also businesses that refurbish and resell older models, sometimes they will pay money or contribute to the cost of a new replacement in exchange for your electronics, so when it’s time for an upgrade don’t just throw away your old electronics!

If you can’t get rid of them and they seem destined for the trash pile, ensure you send your electronic on to a e-waste service so that they can be properly recycled and broken down.



It’s not safe to just throw batteries in with your regular trash. Instead you should take them to a dedicated battery recycler, for things like phone batteries a lot of phone companies now run recycling services. A professional rubbish removal service will take the hassle out of this for you and manage it themselves.


Chemicals and cosmetics

Chemicals, cosmetics and medicine can be hard to get rid of. You really shouldn’t just throw them in the trash. If you’re having trouble getting rid of them, take them to specific recycling programs. Some make up brands and pharmacies can help.


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