Getting a job in finance

job in finance

Whether you know it or not, your everyday life is hugely affected by what happens in the financial industry, from the money you have sitting in the bank to the huge investment company in the middle of the city whose financial irregularities have had affected the economy. Whether directly or indirectly financial companies play a big role in your life.

So why not consider a role in one? With excellent pay and good job prospects it could be the perfect industry for you but how can you achieve this objective?


Many people aren’t quite sure what financial firms do exactly, it is not common knowledge. Make sure when you are applying and interviewing that you know down to a tee what the company does. Do as much research as you can on their website and of their media presence. It may be time consuming but showing some extra knowledge of the industry and company specifics will set you apart from other candidates.


As the saying goes, it’s not about what you know but who you know. Use the people around you to break into the finance industry. Networks such as LinkedIn are very important when it comes to networking as are using previous contacts you have met along the way. So, whether it’s in university and means getting back in touch with previous lecturers who usually have a lot of industry experience and knowledge or contacting someone else you used to work with that has industry connections, this can be one of the easiest ways to get your foot in the door and show what you’re made of.


Jobs at financial firms can be complex. Terms that you would never hear in your daily life will suddenly become routine and you’ll be dealing with all manner of financial instruments. Confidence in yourself will be key. Even if you have zero idea about what’s going on, act like you do. Finance firms are fast moving places, they will wait for nobody and your boss will be expecting big things. Confidence will be important in your interview, so act like you know what you’re talking about and that will be half the battle won.

Wear a suit

I’m not sure why but in a financial firm you should be dressed corporately. Even if you’re in the back office, working by yourself with no chance of seeing anyone from the outside world you should be dressed like you’re heading to the best restaurant in town for dinner. There are plenty of jobs in a financial firm, from working in the post room to being at the highest level of risk management, all of them will require you to dress to impress. If you find yourself with an interview at a financial firm, ensure you wear your best clothes, have them neatly ironed with your shoes sparkling, no matter the level of the position

If you had never thought about a career in the finance industry now is the time, and following these four easy steps will enhance your chances.

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About the Author: Megan DeGrom

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