Four Reasons Why You Have To Do A Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour


No holiday should be the same. Whether you’re someone who is adventurous and likes to expand their horizons, or someone who likes a quiet and relaxing holiday break, a Grand Canyon helicopter tour will appeal to you either way. Right now, you’re probably thinking the whole process is pretty intensive. In actuality, it’s quite simple and straightforward. If you have booked a holiday in the desert city of Las Vegas, you should definitely consider a single day Grand Canyon helicopter tour. Here are several reasons why it will be one of the best holiday decisions you ever made!


Convenient and simple

There are heaps of available rides available that will get you to the United States’ most famous natural landmark within the day. Your alternative is an incredibly long bus trip, which means you’ll need to be planning some sort of layover accommodation, which will just be a pain. Instead, check out one of the world’s greatest natural wonders and be back in Sin City by dinner. Top off your day with a delicious meal at The Bellagio! No need to stress.


grand canyonThe most incredible views

Furthermore, a Grand Canyon helicopter tour will grant you unprecedented exposure to the entire Colorado River Corridor. Indeed, you will be able to truly experience what the ravine has to offer, which is something you can’t quite experience from any of the available lookout points. Whether it is Mohave, Powell or even Hopi, the fact of the matter is you’ll need a Grand Canyon helicopter tour to benefit from the entire experience.

In what will be a surreal 30 minute trip of the gorge, you will gain unprecedented access to some of the most hidden and intricate parts of the entire region. Known as the Dragon Corridor, this area of the ravine is noted as being the deepest and most narrow segments of the entire gorge. The only way to get there is via a Grand Canyon helicopter tour.


Awesome memories

Being able to tell your children, friends or family that you went on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour is something truly special. Some of the most naturally beautiful and picturesque views are on display during your 30 minute aerial journey and there is no doubt they will be some of your most cherished memories.

It’s also nice to be able to tell a Vegas story that doesn’t solely focus on drinking, gambling or misbehaving. You don’t want your entire trip to consist solely of excessive drinking and gambling. Surely you would like to remember something a little more relaxed and nice from your trip? There is nothing wrong with visiting some of the world’s most beautiful casinos and opulent restaurants – just remember that one of the world’s greatest natural wonders is a short aerial trip away.


Value for your money

Another great advantage of organising a Grand Canyon helicopter tour is that not only is it a wonderful and memorable experience, but it’s also great value for money. A conventional 30 minute trip throughout the South Rim of the gorge will only set you back around $200. Enjoy an incredibly spacious cabin and remember to bring a pair of sunglasses, particularly during those summer months when the Colorado sun can get very glary.

Alternatively, if you’re willing to spend a bit more money on your Grand Canyon helicopter tour, there are more comprehensive packages available. A $289 package will give you above and below the rim journey through the ravine, which will take approximately 70 minutes! Moreover, you’ll even be shuttled from your hotel to the ravine and back, meaning you won’t have to stress over bus times and getting back to your hotel.


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