Elizabeth Warren attack Trump administration over regulatory cuts

Elizabeth Warren attack Trump administration over regulatory cuts

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren has attacked the claim by the Trump government that policy currently hampers growth and has vowed to stand up to the Republicans.

On Tuesday, Senator Warren gave a speech that was actively against the deregulatory agenda being employed by the Trump Government. She labelled the new agenda as simply further evidence that Trump just wants to “let the rich guys do whatever they want.”

The new deregulatory agenda comes off the back of the argument from the republicans that current regulation stunt growth. The deregulation agenda evidently lends well to those working on Wall Street and other big businesses whilst forgoing the regulations that currently protect customers and the environment.

Ms Warren has labelled the Republican argument as a “big, greasy, baloney sandwich”. She followed to emphasise her point in a direct response to the Republican voice.

The “war on regulations” is not about the liberty of Americans it is “waged on behalf of giant companies that don’t want to follow any rules” continuing to say that it was in fact a war on the public and not on regulations.

Senator Warren is now eager to further her action and introduce laws that disable politicians and other major business officials to create laws that are self-benefitting. She said that she will strive to introduce legislation that benefits the consumer.

In entering parliament, President Trump said that he would be “stripping away the red tape” in order to unleash the American economy. One of the Presidents first acts was to introduce legislation that said that agencies must eliminate or relax two regulations for every one that was introduced.

Donald Trump has since claimed that he has slashed multiple regulations as a result stating that there have been close to 22 regulations eliminated for every one introduced – which has been shown to be significantly overstated.

However, Trump has successfully introduced legislation that makes it more difficult for mentally ill patients to acquire weapons and also introduced increased in internet privacy.  There has also been sweeping changes in the finance industry, some of which have had positive impacts with the agency she founded, Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, following the GFC having returned $12B to consumers.

However, there was a loosening of financial regulations earlier this year that was opposed by Warren having introduced them in the wake of the GFC to tighten their policies. The financial sector has managed to take significant advantage of a republican government and White House and Elizabeth Warren is determined to out an end to it and help the consumer.

“Republicans are working to insulate big corporations from competition and accountability…they are making government work better for fewer people.”


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