Elizabeth Warren attack Trump administration over regulatory cuts

Elizabeth Warren attack Trump administration over regulatory cuts

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren has attacked the claim by the Trump government that policy currently hampers growth and has vowed to stand up to the Republicans. On Tuesday, Senator Warren gave a... Read more »

Plane with four passengers crashes on Long Island

A small plane with four passengers crashed near the coast of Long Island, New York, today after losing contact with the airport in the area, according to local media. They also indicate... Read more »

ICE criticizes New York authorities for freeing immigrants from prisons

The federal government criticized New York authorities Friday for releasing immigrants previously required for deportation from their jails. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service of the United States (ICE) also assured that... Read more »

Is it Time For New York City To Ban Plastic Straws?

The city of New York would be the largest city in the country to join the environmental movement that promotes the prohibition of the use of plastic straws. This Wednesday, Councilman Rafael... Read more »

Donald Trump can not block people on Twitter, says New York judge

President Donald Trump violates the first amendment to the US Constitution when he blocks his critics on Twitter because of their political speech, a judge said Wednesday. Naomi Reice Buchwald, District Judge... Read more »

Police Investigate Long Island Mall Deadly Carbon Monoxide Leak

Long Island, New York – A mysterious carbon monoxide leak at the Huntington Station Walt Whitman Mall claimed the life of a restaurant manager and injured 27 other people Saturday night. As... Read more »

Mystery Tipper Found?

Since September, a patron of restaurants and bars across the country has given servers more than several thousand dollars in tips for services often totaling less than one hundred dollars. The mystery... Read more »