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Occupational therapy NDIS benefit the whole of the city. Anyone that is born with a disability or who develops one later in life can now take advantage of NDIS therapy. This is a change to the disability framework that Australians have been waiting generations for. Beforehand, disability benefits were distributed based on the state that you lived in. Since its introduction in 2016, this is no longer the case. Everyone living with a disability can now expect to have the same treatment in Sydney as they could expect in Perth. Specific treatment plans can now be tailored to each individual to help them in whatever way they need. What are some other benefits of this relatively new scheme?



As mentioned this scheme is now designed to help individuals with the exact needs that they require. Occupational therapy NDIS can be given to the individual or their family to help them on both a personal level or a social level. The new scheme is designed with the aim of integrating those who are disabled into the workplace and the wider social community.



Occupational therapy NDIS can now be a choice if the individual wishes it to be. Participants in the scheme can decide what will help them and what won’t. This individualized scheme will help both participants and carers. Those with a disability will receive specialized care while carers will be able to give more focus to their patients. Unpaid care was also seen as the norm under the previous system, which meant patients did not receive adequate care when needed. This will no longer be the case and should see the scheme become a success.



As this scheme is a national one it means that funding can be evenly distributed. Not only will Occupational therapy NDIS be well funded but for those individuals living in the less populated areas of Australia it should be the same. Families, carers and patients will be able to call on financial aid from a fund that is being propped up by the Federal Government. The national support for the scheme gives the impression that the lives of the disabled in Australia are valued more than ever.



Occupational therapy NDIS and throughout the country is supposed to be a proactive, rather than reactive, scheme. One that aims to help patients at the onset of their disability so as to try and prevent the quick development of symptoms. It aims to maximize participation within the community and productivity for people with disabilities. Under the old regional schemes, many felt uncared for, so there is a clear aim to give help early. This help will also be what is right for the patient rather than a cheap, more cost-effective option.



Occupational therapy NDIS is provided to participants in much the same way participants of the scheme in Melbourne would receive treatment. There is no favouritism when it comes to the new scheme. Everyone around the country should have equal access to the same facilities no matter their location or circumstances. Whether this is achievable remains to be seen but it is a refreshing aim and with the funding from the federal government, it is an aim that is within reach


Occupational therapy NDIS is now more easily accessible to people with disabilities living in the city than ever before. The national scheme brought in two years is making significant changes to care for the disabled and is one that can make a real change to individuals integrating them into their local communities and providing care they need.


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