Benefits of a Commercial Busy Light System

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In 2018, there are programs and innovations that are being rolled out every week by communication brands promising to deliver the next big thing in the commercial sector.


From Bluetooth devices to drone technology, FaceTime apps and flexible desk structures that allow employees to sit or stand given the surrounding terrain, managers, developers and owners have never been more spoiled for choice.


When it comes to a facet like a busy light system that can be issued for an enterprise, this can appear to be a minor detail that does not actually provide value for money.


Why invest in a program when department officials can simply communicate person to person if they are on a call to a client or a colleague? It appears to be a lot of fuss to simply add some lighting when basic communication protocols should suffice.


That perception though overlooks a number of advantages that have been evident through actual case studies for businesses that have embraced these programs.


Rather than relying on the marketing speech issued by communication providers, there are tangible benefits that a business can access by opting into these outlets.


Here we will run our eye over those details that can really make a genuine impact to your operation:


Cuts Down On Missed Calls

The reality is that for business communications, clients need to not only see their calls answered, but done so in a timely and satisfactory manner. A do not disturb light system that is implemented for this customer service department will allow for those calls to be picked up immediately without interruption from colleagues, cutting down on lost business and lost revenue.


Synchronicity Across Departments

Attempting to obtain universal practice and uniformity across different departments in medium to large enterprises is not a simple task. A busy light system can be one tangible element that allows the sales team, IT department and executive branch to be following the same principles. Whilst that might only be a small gesture to begin with, it can lay a platform for more integration from top to bottom of the enterprise.


Go Mobile With Roaming Applications

Given the acceleration and rate of evolution in business communications, it is any wonder that a provider for a busy light system ventures far beyond the limitations of a desk. When you pack up and carry your laptop or tablet on the go, these portable and light applications can head on the journey with you. This ensures that you are not disengaged from the protocols of the business and enables you to communicate in the same fashion, whether you are situated in the same postcode or are out from the office for the day.


Boost To Productivity

A do not disturb light system has the capacity to gauge not only whether or not you are on the computer and browsing the web, but whether that time you are spending is quality business time or simply leisure. Should you be sifting through your Facebook account, trolling through your Twitter feed or just checking up on a local news site, then the light can be blinking bright green to illustrate that you are indeed available to be contacted.


Older models would simply check to gauge any activity that is taking place and assume that you are unavailable in the event that some activity is occurring. Here the productivity is boosted because there is an assessment of what you are spending your time doing, allowing you to be contacted during general browsing.



Consider what your business needs before opting into a do not disturb light system. If you believe that your communications require an upgrade, then this is a surefire solution to addressing these shortcomings. Speak with peers and providers before settling on a brand that caters to your demands.


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