A lucrative career

A lucrative career

You’ve just finished your years in school. Hoping for the results that are needed to get into university, you go about choosing which course you want to do. After university, years and years of employment are ahead of you. You’ll find a job where you’ll leave the house sometime before 8 and return sometime after 5 so why not do a course that will give you a salary that makes all that time worth it. With that in mind which course will hand you the best chance of earning a high wage


It may seem like a boring choice but for many the money to be made doing accountancy is worth it. A starting level salary in an accounting firm can be up to $70,000. Having to pass countless exams to finally qualify for this starting salary will make the years of study and hours spent in the library almost worth it, almost.


Like accountancy, if you are training to be a lawyer you’ll find yourself married to the books for a few years before entering the workforce. This probably won’t change when you’re employed either. With so much expected of lawyers, their starting salaries are high too. Experts in the field of employment law can earn up to $100,000 starting off, enough to begin paying off any student debt you have and having some left over.


The engineering industry is projected to continue growing so why not consider a job in the field, whether in the field of chemical, civil, industrial,  electrical or aeronautical engineer there are plenty of disciplines to choose from. For those who wish to work in the industry, an undergraduate degree in the specific field is usually needed but with competitive starting salaries, they are attractive positions to hold for students just out of college.

Computer scientist

Technology has well and truly taken over the world and this is mirrored in average salaries for computer scientists. An industry that is in need of more talent, computer scientists get paid the highest median wage in the US. 15 states have even introduced more incentives for students to choose computer science as a major in university such is the lack of potential employees to match the supply of jobs.


Being a nurse, it not usually thought of as a well-paid profession but depending on position and specialisation, nurses can earn a comparatively lucrative salary. Family nurse practitioners, nurse midwifes, and neonatal nurses can expect to earn the highest salary, with the average sitting at around $85,000 per year. Unlike the other professions mentioned in this list, there is the sense of satisfaction to be gained from saving lives which is probably the main draw to the job rather than expected earnings

So when you are finishing high school and choosing which major is for you, take into account what you can earn when you start and ultimately continue to earn in that industry, it could make all the difference and make your life that bit easier.

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