By | July 14, 2020
Corolle Dolls

The delightfully cute and playful set of Corolle dolls make for a perfect gift idea for a child.

Whether it is their birthday, they have reached a milestone, have achieved something in school or the parents simply want to give them a reward, it is hard to look past these valuable items.

Even adults who have long since grown up to have children of their own reflect well on their time with these dolls, experiencing some nostalgia for the love they had for these cherished figures.

If mum or dad is unsure about what to buy for the next gift idea, why not take a look at the 6 reasons these brands are ideal.

1) Fun For Kids

Kids want to have fun with their gifts and this is where Corolle dolls prove to be a great asset for parents. Over the course of many playing sessions indoors and outside, they will form a bond with the figure before taking it on different adventures. At a young age this really is a great form of entertainment without needing to be sitting in front of a digital screen for hours on end.

2) Playing With Others

The social component of Corolle dolls makes for an enticing gift idea for mums and dads. Little boys and girls learn about aspects like sharing and collaboration, bringing their own doll to a sleepover or for play time at home. Especially if there are struggles integrating into a school environment or if there is a lack of engagement with neighbours or the kids of the friend’s parents, this can be a great way to break the ice and join in with the group.

3) Getting Creative

There is so much variety to be found with these dolls that the creative spark will be discovered before long. Coming in a range of shapes, colours, sizes and outfits, the opportunities are endless. Some kids will love to have a number of dolls interacting all inside the same room while others will have one as a preference to interact with their other toy collections.

4) Boosting Developmental Skills

Young children at toddler and preschool age stand to benefit from the use of Corolle dolls with the advancement of key skills that are underappreciated. Without them or the parents even being conscious about the subject, they are making progress with cognitive and fine motor functions. This includes the small movement of the hands and feet, problem solving skills, memory, comprehension and attention capacity.

5) Teaching About Personal Responsibility

One of the overlooked benefits for kids who have ownership of Corolle dolls is the capacity to learn about responsibility. From the care and conditioning of the doll to dressing it correctly, it can be a steep learning curve to appreciate the item and ensure that it is not destroyed or compromised in any shape or form. Once they understand there are consequences for actions and there is a need for continued care, this will give them a new level of appreciation for those tasks.

6) Affordable & Accessible

The good news for consumers is that they can identify one of their own Corolle dolls for a gift idea online and have the item delivered to their front door. The customer has a chance to identify the right product for their budget as it is carefully packaged and transported in due course. Community members are not priced out of the market with the Corolle brand.


Parents who want to purchase Corolle dolls for their children are ticking all of the right boxes. Simply check in online for a local provider and see what figures they have in stock before having it delivered prior to the big day!