4 Ideal Ways To Make Your Call-To-Action Effective

Call-To-Action Effective

Noticed you have adequate website traffic but are failing to convert them into genuine sales for your business?  Or perhaps you’ve got people reading your blog but failing to do what you want them to do after that. You’ve done everything possible to optimise your post for SEO so why are you not able to convert your business? It’s possible your call to action is not as strong as it should be. You’re doing something right by getting website traffic, but you need to get people to click through by writing a clear call to action (CTA). Here are some ideal ways to make it effective:

Use Powerful Statements To Make An Impact

According to SEO Shark the Australian SEO company, many businesses make the mistake of making general statements and expecting readers to decipher what they need to do next. This could be your downfall. Keep these points in mind:

  • You need to convince people to do something for your business – general statements like ‘sign up today’ or ‘download this e-book’ will not be enough
  • Use power words and phrases to act as lead magnets – show readers how they would benefit by following your call-to-action request with statements like ‘see what’s next by benefitting from your free monthly trial’ and ‘gain amazing new perspective with this e-book – download now’
  • Entice the reader with a beneficial context so they are keener to follow your CTA.

Powerful statements attract the attention of a reader, which is exactly what you want – so avoid being too general when planning your CTA.

Create Visual Signals To Attract Attention To Your Call To Action

Another way to make sure your call to action is noticed is to create visual signals that point towards it. This is a good idea to direct reader attention towards a specific action. Consider the following:

  • People react to the visual medium much more easily than to mere words – images, boxes or vibrant colours attached to CTAs are more attractive than plain text.
  • Showing relevant visuals for a CTA enables people to see themselves benefitting from the product or service and will likely follow up with a click.
  • Graphic images with bold suggestive text can grab reader attention straight away.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to find ways to make sure people click through on your CTA, which is why it’s important to incorporate visual signals for a more effective strategy.

Create A Sense Of Time Sensitivity To Entice Readers

One of the most ideal ways to improve your conversion rate is to create a sense of time sensitivity when you’re looking to entice readers. Consider the following:

  • Showcase the time sensitive nature of your CTA through words like ‘today’, ‘now’ and ‘hurry’ to create urgency and entice click throughs
  • Time sensitive words can push people into taking action quicker because of the impact they have on the mind
  • Urgent action can be prompted in people because they don’t want to waste their own time – especially if you are able to showcase the benefits of quicker clicks

Fine-tuning a pitch note to create time sensitive CTAs will help you gain more click throughs and improved SEO for your website over time. However, you cannot always have a sense of urgency with your CTA because users will eventually call your bluff. Use them smartly at certain periods when you’re looking to boost your sales.

Don’t Make People Feel Obligated To Your Website Or Business

People view certain CTAs where they have to sign up for the long term or download files as suspicious so you can start by ensuring people don’t feel obligated to your website or business. Consider the following:

  • People don’t necessarily want to feel committed to a particular website or business so choose your CTA words wisely to avoid making people feel that way.
  • People don’t always want to spend money for signing up from the start – consider offering a free option as well. Customers may likely move to a paid version once they feel comfortable with your offering.
  • Explain how your CTA requires no time and money commitment to encourage people to follow through.

You don’t want to force people into feeling obligated because this could push them away. You want customers for the long term so make sure you encourage click-throughs without forcing an obligation.

Your call to action is what gets people to do what you want. Use these ideas to help you craft the perfect CTA for each of your landing pages based on your business priorities for enhanced SEO rankings.

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