3 Tips To Help You Select Your Ideal Sydney Wedding Photographer


You’re getting married, congratulations! This is an amazing milestone in your life that you’re no doubt incredibly excited to celebrate with your family, friends, colleagues and, of course, you’re future life partner.

However, there’s a lot of planning for you to do before your big day to make sure it goes perfectly. The more elaborate your ceremony is going to be, the more bells and whistles you will need to worry about organizing.

One of the most important considerations when planning the event is selecting who you will hire to take pictures throughout the ceremony and following celebration. They will also be responsible for taking group pictures at the reception.

If you are getting married in and around metropolitan New South Wales then it would make sense for you to engage a talented Sydney wedding photographer. Above all, you want to find someone who fits your budget, is easy to work with and (most importantly) is able to capture your special day perfectly.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 tips for finding your ideal Sydney wedding photographer.


1.    Ask friends, relatives or colleagues for their recommendations

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Since marriage is such a common thing in our society, it’s an obvious good first place to start by asking other people which practitioner they used for their big day. This helps eliminate a lot of the guesswork as you know you will be connected with someone who can do satisfactory work.

If you remember someone you know having incredible pictures from their ceremony, ask them which wedding photographer around Sydney they hired. Ask them follow-up questions about what it was like to work with them, how professional they were and what kind of editing options they offered.

It’s also a good idea to ask them about how much of their marriage budget they needed to dedicate to their chosen candidate. This will allow you to quickly gauge the value of engaging these practitioners.


2.     Look at their websites

Once you have a list of Sydney wedding photographers, you are considering speaking with, take some time to browse each of their websites. Here you will be able to get more information about them at a glance such as their contact details, availability and about section.

The most important thing you will find on their site, however, is their portfolio of past work they’ve done for other couples who needed a Sydney wedding photographer. Here you will be able to easily see if their picture capturing style is something that you like and would want to use for your big day.


3.    Organise an interview with them

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When you establish a shortlist of viable candidates that meet your requirements for style and availability, organise either a phone or face-to-face interview with them. This will allow you to ask some of the most important questions to assess their suitability for your big day.

Here you can ask them about their strategy for how they approach the day and what kind of pricing structure they have. You can each share your suggestions for how the day can be shot and how the overall wedding timeline will be organised.

It’s important that you establish how present they will be at the ceremony. Do you want them to be hidden away taking candid shots or do you want them to get into the crowd and prompt people to pose?

Above all, the Sydney wedding photographer that you select should show enthusiasm about the prospect of shooting your big day. These kinds of practitioners are normally very passionate about romance and will therefore jump at the offer to shoot your special day.





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