By | July 14, 2020
property condition report

There are plenty of benefits to getting a property condition report before signing a contract on a building. Whenever you make a significant investment like purchasing a house or office space, you want to have peace of mind that the product you are acquiring is worth the prices asked for.

This type of inspection helps you to identify if there are any hidden issues with the premises after it is purchased and avoid discovering them later on after they have paid. Doing this kind of inspection is essential for maintaining the integrity of the building and the safety of those who will reside/work inside it.

The following will examine the key benefits of getting a property condition report.

1.    Full disclosure

When you engage a property condition report, you will have full disclosure about the viability of the premises. You will be able to make the most informed decision about the purchase. If the inspection uncovers nothing major, then you can go ahead with the purchase will full confidence. If the investigation reveals a major flaw (such as a rat infestation or a faulty bit of plumbing that needs repair), then you can use that information to back away from the deal, or you can use it to negotiate better terms.

In this way, a property condition report can be a powerful tool in lowering the price of a purchase when its newly discovered flaws are factored in. This is why it is also recommended that sellers engage this process themselves before putting their premises up for sale so they can pre-empt the discovering of any flaws that would compromise the transaction.

2.   Have accurate information to give to experts

When you gain the insight that only a property condition report can give you, you get the accurate information needed to hand to professionals to have any discovered problems solved. This means that you can detail the full extent of a rodent infestation to an exterminator, or you can explain to a plumber what type of repair work needs to be done to make the premises viable.

This means you can save money spent on getting individual experts to check for problems only they know how to identify. Getting an all-in-one inspection done means you can save time and enjoy a more convenient process overall.

Saving money on expert services is essential for reducing the overall cost of the transaction for you in the long-term. While the initial asking price of the building might not be high, you could end up paying a hefty sum in making it worthy of being used.

3.   Focus on other things

When you have a property condition report being undertaken, you carry on with other aspects of the transaction that only you can handle. Getting an expert to check for all potential issues with a premise allows you to confidently focus on the essential things that require your direct attention.

It also gives you more free time in general to relax and not get high stress by the difficulty of the transaction you are undertaking. These types of transactions can be very stressful to deal with, especially if you have not had to deal with many of them in the past.


As you can see, there’s a lot of great reasons why investing in a property condition report is an excellent idea. Whether you are buying or selling, having the knowledge about the true viability of the building protects your investment and shields you from liability as long as you take the correct course of action with the new information you have acquired.